Bring It Back to Us

For Recycle Purpose

Bring It Back to Us

For Recycle Purpose


We notice that people will throw away the old hand bidet straightly as they don’t know that it could be recycle and we think it’s time to change. Our hand bidet is recyclable! In order to minimise the amount of packaging waste, even the blister box also can be recycle. We should recycle in a right way instead of throwing into the landfill. We have be responsible for our environment and planet.

Bring back to us

Why you should send the used hand bidet back to us? The first reason is we got the skills and machine to recycle all the used hand bidet and packaging box. The second reason is if you’re throwing it to the landfill which means you are aggravating damage to the environment. Only recycle in right way will help us to be responsible for our planet and environment instead of throw to landfill

Can I send it to recycle centre?

Yes! Of course you can send it to the recycle centre that near your house. We had labelled all the material details on the back of the packaging and it is easy for you to differentiate the material and recycle right to maintain sustainability.

Don't have any idea of plastic sorting?

If you don’t have any idea of plastic sorting, you could refer back to our packaging label. Behind the packaging there are listed out the types of plastic that can be recycle and easy for you to differentiate. You don’t have to worried any more.

Free Delivery

Free shipping on order over RM 140 to West Malaysia.

30 Days Return

If you feel the hand bidet is not what you hoped it would be, simply email within 30 days of receiving your order to let us know you would like to return the item.

1 Year Warranty

If there is any leaking on the hand bidet, customer could send it back to our HQ and get a brand new NoBac Antimicrobial Hand Bidet.

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