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The NoBac Antimicrobial Hand Bidet is made of antimicrobial material – an active ingredient specially treated to continuously eliminate bacteria, fungus and also odour produced by germs. It has the ability to eliminate bacteria and fungus 24/7 to protect your family.

The NoBac Antimicrobial Hand Bidet uses a special formulated antimicrobial active ingredient to eliminate bacteria, fungus as well as some bacteria-releasing-odour. Furthermore, antimicrobial material could fight against those potentially harmful bacteria that makes contact with the surface of hand bidet to prevent cross contamination. There are several types of bacteria that exist in the bathroom, for example, E.Coli, Shigella, Aureus and more.

Antimicrobial material that consists in NoBac hand bidet is effective against a plethora of product damaging microbes but currently it is not proven to have any antiviral properties when built into products. Antimicrobial material is to minimize damaging microbial growth on the surface of the products in order to ensure the hand bidet remains cleaner and fresher between cleaning. We suggest you to follow the advice of World Health Organization to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

NoBac Antimicrobial Hand Bidet is not intended to control disease pathogens.

Nobac aims to deliver the orders within the time agreed upon while you checkout. You will be able to receive your purchase within 1-3 working days under normal circumstance. You may be please to expect your package in 5-7 working days during peak period.

Nevertheless, we are unable to guarantee that all orders will be deliver within the time frame that we have mentioned. There might have some circumstances that we could not control it for example courier service delays, emergency, natural disaster, or items out of stock.

If you have not receive your order, please contact and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Antibacterial + Antifungal = Antimicrobial

Antimicrobial is an active material that able to continuously destroy or inhibit the presence and reproduction of harmful microbes throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. Disinfectants material is proving a limited residual activity once the treated surface dries but antimicrobial material will continuously provide around-the-clock product protection from the growth of harmful microbes.

Free Delivery

Free shipping on order over RM 140 to West Malaysia.

30 Days Return

If you feel the hand bidet is not what you hoped it would be, simply email within 30 days of receiving your order to let us know you would like to return the item.

1 Year Warranty

If there is any leaking on the hand bidet, customer could send it back to our HQ and get a brand new NoBac Antimicrobial Hand Bidet.

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